Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 49ers' Stadium Subsidy: The word is out - VOTE NO ON J!

Dear Santa Clarans,

You've been very generous in your support of Santa Clara Plays Fair. We've used your contributions to reach out to as many of our neighbors as we can. Also, many of the folks who've donated are also giving their time to walk precincts - and meet even more Santa Clarans.

We're sharing the rest of the story on the massive 49ers stadium subsidy,too.

Not only about the $444M itself.

Our walkers are getting the word out about the $67M General Fund ripoff, too.

Will you join us? And will you speak out? Please contact us anytime and let us know how you'd like to get the REAL Facts out to more Santa Clarans.

Thanks again for all of your support,
William F. "Bill" Bailey, Treasurer


Monday, March 22, 2010

The 49ers' Stadium Subsidy: Skin in the Game

Dear Santa Clarans,

Santa Clara Plays Fair filed its campaign finance statement this afternoon.

In that mere nine pages, you will find $1,908 in cash contributions from Santa Clara residents - people who live here**.

In the 49ers' "Astroturf" group's same statement, you will find a mere $35 from Santa Clara residents.

...and in those 44 pages, you will find OVER A MILLION DOLLARS coming from the San Francisco 49ers.

If you're looking at a mailbox full of the 49ers' slick brochures - making completely unsustainable promises and trumpeting misleading numbers - the above campaign finance statement from the 49ers Astroturf group pretty much explains that. The cool million is designed only to fool Santa Clarans into giving the team $114,000,000 up front and raising $330,000,000 more for them.

And after we do that: Our General Fund WILL LOSE $67,000,000, as well.

We urge Santa Clarans: Please don't be fooled. The massive stadium subsidy from Santa Clarans buys almost nothing for Santa Clara. It rewards only the San Francisco 49ers.

Anyway, thank you, Santa Clarans, for all of your support.

You've got skin in the game.

On June 8th, please vote NO ON Measure J - It's NO JOKE.

Best regards,
Bill Bailey, Treasurer

** Out of a total of $1,928, we received a single $20 bill from a San Franciscan.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The 49ers' Stadium Subsidy: Santa Clarans, Please VOTE NO ON J!

Dear Santa Clarans,

If you visited the main webpage, you know it's official as of this morning: The Registrar of Voters has given us a letter for the 49ers' Stadium Subsidy Measure which will appear on our ballots on June 8th.

That giveaway is Measure "J," but we promise you, it's "No Joke!"

It's deadly serious, in fact. Tucked away in its bland, feel-good, "not-a-single-dollar-sign" language is a scheme to:

  • Hand the San Francisco 49ers $114,000,000 upfront,
  • Raise $330,000,000 more for them, and
  • Lose $67,000,000 out of our City's General Fund.
Unfortunately, this is a ballot measure bought-and-paid-for by the San Francisco 49ers themselves, and it's built on myth-making. Let's debunk those myths by adding a few dollar signs:


If you have any questions about the real numbers behind Measure J - the numbers that the San Francisco 49ers are terrified you'll find - please contact us anytime, and we'll prove them with the City's OWN data and reports.

VOTE NO ON "J"une the 8th - Protect our City and its General Fund!

Thank you for all of your support,

William F. "Bill" Bailey, Treasurer,
Santa Clara Plays Fair